Videoinstallation 2003

I made the video "To the Bone" when I was having some surgery, at the time when it was happening.

I took a lot of videoshots, and talked about the event and my thoughts about it, and then later I edited both sound and picture, taking out videostills and making an animation.

This video is about 9 minutes long, and I show it as a projection on the wall, with a monitor at another wall with a loop from some shot my grandfather did when I was tree years old. This was after I had surgery regarding my hipjoints, as well, and it is involved as a "looking back".

My issue is using my own experience to say a little about being put outside the ordinary life, being unable to copy with everyday tasks in the easy way that most other people do, and what it might do to your selfesteem. This last ting is an underlying issue, and it has connection with the "looking back". This shocking experience of being a handicapped person instead of the person you used to be, is something I dicussed with others who had a similar experience, as well. This is not only about struggling with everyday living, but about the way other people behave in their relationship with you.

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